Blood Oranges

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Delicious, sun-ripened, naturally grown blood oranges. Pesticide-free.

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We are a family-run orchard in the hills of Hidden Meadows above Escondido, California and about 20 miles from the coast. The Mediterranean-style climate is considered ideal for growing blood oranges and they have adapted perfectly from their Italian "lineage". I remember seeing them in the markets of many countries of coastal southern Europe back in the seventies and was amazed at the wonderfully sweet-tart taste of the golf ball to tennis ball sized fruit. The grove receives an abundance of TLC and our mature trees reward us each year with a bountiful supply of beautiful smelling blossoms and flavorful fruit and juice. Each tree produces a different shape, color and size of blood orange and requires individual care according to it's location in the grove and exposure to the sun. The miracle of nature begins the cycle of production of new leaves and buds as the fruit from the last season is ready to be picked. You can really taste the difference between a Hidden Meadows Orchard blood orange and one that is store bought.